Oklahoma Mayor Apologizes For Husbands KKK-Themed Halloween Hijinks

Theresa Sharp, the mayor of Lahoma, Oklahoma is is making apologies after her doofus husband was caught donning a KKK outfit and burning a cross with a bunch of his buddies this Halloween weekend. As one does.

Reportedly, 47-year-old Cary Sharp was sitting around with his friends on Saturday night, while Mayor Sharp was taking their child out trick-or-treating, when someone got the bright idea to cut some holes in some sheets and set sticks on fire and pretend they were having a KKK rally.

A horrified neighbor witnessed the event and called the police.

According to Sharp, who says she does not condone such behavior regardless of who it is doing it, her husband “meant no harm” and the incident occurred because “It’s four good ol’ boys sitting around drinking and things got out of control.”

I don’t know about you, but I am going to deem that the least comforting statement in the history of public statements. I mean, at no time has any good come of “four good ol’ boys drinking and things got out of control.” That is a scary ass sentence. I want to run as far away from that sentence as humanly possible.

For what it’s worth, I kinda feel like “Hey! Let’s get dressed up like KKK members and light a cross on fire!” is not a whimsical activity that occurs to most non-racist drunk people.

While some have called for her resignation, Mayor Sharp says she has no intention of stepping down. She may, however, want to consider filing divorce papers.

Cary Sharp and the other men involved in the incident are not being arrested, as according to Sheriff Jerry Niles, they didn’t technically do anything illegal, and characterized the behavior as “poor decision making.”


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