Justin Bieber Just Can’t Let Go Of Selena Gomez

Every time Selena Gomez seems to be moving forward with her life or doing anything great, her ex Justin Bieber suddenly resurfaces to make grandiose public statements about their former love, and, it would seem, attempt to reel her back in. His latest attempt to win her love (or maybe just keep her hanging by a thread and make it impossible for her to enjoy her own life or happily date someone else) went down when he made an appearance on “Access Hollywood” to promote his new album, Purpose.

When asked by host Billy Bush how much of the album is about Gomez, he profoundly replied, “a lot of it, dude.” Specifically, three of the thirteen tracks on the album, dude.

“It was really tough. I don’t know if I’m over it yet. I think that I’m definitely in another place and I think we’ve definitely went our separate ways. I love her and I want her to be awesome, but there are things that remind me of her…I wrote a song [that] didn’t make the album, it was called ‘If I Would Have Met You In 5 Years.’ How true is that? How many people go through life and end up meeting someone and it feels so right, but it’s just the wrong time?”

Oh, and he apparently feels that their relationship wasn’t toxic at all:

“[She] is someone I love dearly. I’m never going to stop loving her. I’m never going to stop checking in on her. I don’t think if you end a relationship, you should end that, unless it was super toxic and you guys were hurting each other physically or mentally. We always respected each other and we still respect each other.”

But don’t worry, he’s totally leaving things open-ended about getting back together, though it’s totally unclear on whether Selena’s even heard about that idea:

“I don’t know what happens. I don’t know what is going to happen in the future. I think we both gotta do some soul searching ourselves and figure out ourselves before we can just try to figure out each other.”

I, for one, would love to know how she feels about him dragging her name into nearly every appearance and interview he gives. With only their very public years-long saga of misery to go off of for insight (which I’m still hoping is not the full picture), I’m going to assume that these two may need a little more time before regular check-ins or thoughts of reuniting become healthy for either of them.

I’ve tried really hard to lighten up on the Biebs over these past few months, because while he’s behaved like a total douche, he’s also going through the types of growing pains that a lot of former child stars have experienced. Does that make it okay? Nope, but he is in the process of grieving his first love, and that’s not easy for anyone. I also have to agree that timing can make such a difference when it comes to love and heartbreak. All that said, can’t he just let Selena have a fresh start already?

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