Watch Ariana Grande Rightfully Shut Down Some Sexist Radio DJs

Ariana Grande, that odd little duck, was on Power 106 recently to discuss her newest single, “Focus.” When the conversation took a swift turn for the sexist, Grande did her best to shut down the idiotic ramblings of hosts Justin Credible and Eric D-Lux, who asked her a bunch of sexist and awesome questions like if she could use her phone or makeup one last time, which would she choose?

“Is this what you think girls think about?” she asks incredulously, as the men do their best to sputter an explanation. Dissatisfied with their inability to conjure up an answer from Grande about something as inane as makeup and her phone, the hosts press on, discussing whether or not boys use the unicorn emoji. The hosts, you see, are sure that the unicorn emoji — delicate, fey, feminine — has never come out of the phone of a straight man, ever.

“I changed my mind, I don’t want to hang out at Power 106 anymore,” Grande trills, presumably seconds before she removes her headphones and hops into the arms of a waiting bouncer to carry her back to the car.

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