Leah Remini Found A Wailing Baby Suri In The Bathroom At Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes’s Wedding!

Leah Remini’s interview with “20/20″ on Friday night was allllll sorts of juicy, and that was just the appetizer because her book, Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood And Scientology, promises to be even more satiating. According to those lucky bastards at The New York Daily News, who scored a copy, Remini does not mince words when it comes to the subject of Scientology Jesus-figure Tom Cruise. According the Daily News, Remini even recounts discovering a crying baby Suri hanging out on the floor of a BATHROOM at Cruise and Katie Holmes’s wedding! BAHAHAHA get me this book NOW!!!! [Dlisted]

In her book, Remini also claims that after the Cruise/Holmes wedding, she shared a car with Tom’s older kids, Isabella and Connor, and when she asked them if they ever saw their mother, Nicole Kidman, Bella, then 13, replied, “Not if I have a choice. Our mom is a fucking SP.” SP stands for “Supressive Person,” which in Scientology lingo basically means you are evil and the enemy. [People]

This is adorable: When Viola Davis asked her daughter Genesis what she wanted to be for Halloween, the little girl decided to go the hero route:

So…..the Elsa costume? Didn’t work for her. The Pirate? A no go. So she finally said,” I just want to be YOU mommy”! So… uhh…..this is ME.

Posted by Viola Davis on Saturday, October 31, 2015

Us too, Genesis, us too! [Facebook]

RIP: Former U.S. Senator and “Law & Order” series regular Fred Thompson has died. [People]

Jessica Simpson didn’t have to do much to channel Christie Brinkley for Halloween, but damn, her husband Eric Johnson looks like he literally got Chevy Chase’s face transplanted on top of his own for his Clark Griswold costume. WTF, it’s uncanny!


Yeah, yeah, yeah, Justin Timberlake is married to Jessica Biel and they have a baby together, but fuck it, I will forever dream of the day that he realizes that his one true love is and has always been Britney Jean Spears. And now I have reason to believe that Britney spent her Halloween sitting at home, pining for the man with whom she could so effortlessly coordinate a formal denim-on-denim lewk for the ages, because she took the time to repost this image on her Instagram, INCLUDING ITS MANTRA-LIKE HASHTAG. JUSTIN, are you listening?!?! [Buzzfeed]