Donald Trump Rejects Imaginary Invite To “Last Week Tonight”

This weekend, for some unknown reason, Donald Trump tweeted about how he was totally invited to be on John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight,” but turned them right down because the show is “boring” and does not get good ratings. Which, factually, is not true.

Yeah! Way to show them, Donald Trump! Except that, according to “Last Week Tonight,” you were not ever invited to be on the show.

AWKWARD! Personally, I have to say that I would actually be delighted to see Donald Trump interviewed by John Oliver. I think it would be fabulously entertaining — but it certainly would not make Trump look too good, so I imagine he’d turn it down for that reason alone.

However, I think Trump may be on to something here. Therefore, I will be hereby rejecting imaginary invitations to the Oscars, the Emmys, the White House Correspondents Dinner (KIDDING, PLEASE LET ME GO), as well as whatever it is the cool kids are doing this weekend.

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