Group Of Students Support South Carolina Officer Who Yanked Student From Desk

The police officer who violently tossed a high school student out of her desk  at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, South Carolina has thankfully been fired since the incident, but many students think that he was just doing his job and decided to hold a peaceful protest in his support.

A group of about 100 students in total walked out of classes on Friday to protest former Sheriff Ben Fields’s firing, claiming that his punishment was too severe. Way to support your fellow student, guys!

Ty’Juan Fulton, a Spring Valley High School student said: “That’s what he’s supposed to do when a student don’t actually get up and listen. I think it’s also her fault too for not listening. It didn’t really have to go that far for an administrator and deputy and teacher to tell you to leave.”

Students also wore t-shirts emblazoned with the hashtags #bringbackfields” and “#bringfieldsback.”

Super disappointing in my opinion. What if the same happened to them, I wonder?

Watch an interview with a student regarding the incident here.

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