“The Today Show” Celebrates Halloween By Making Peanuts Absolutely Terrifying

Every year, the hosts of “The Today Show” go HAM for Halloween, committing themselves fully to a group costume theme, with well-executed but often unsettling results. And goddamn, is that especially true this year. The crew chose Peanuts as their theme, with Al Roker as Charlie Brown, Matt Lauer as Lucy, Meredith Veiera as Pig Pen, and the rest of the hosts filling out the cast. But what looks fine enough from afar is terrifying up close. Get a load of the teeny tiny EARS on some of them:


Seriously, the ears and the strands of hair look like they’re made of marzipan or fondant, I’m gonna barf maybe:


I seriously cannot look away. Here’s Meredith as Pig Pen:


Um, Tamron Hall looks great as Peppermint Patty — until you get to her FEET:


And even after all that, Matt Lauer still manages to be the most awkward of all, as Lucy:


Seriously, this is a legitimate Halloween nightmare. [TODAY]