Halloween Makeup Tutorial: You, But With A Gory Gash!

Um, excuse me, Halloween is tomorrow already?! If you still haven’t figured out your costume but you want to make a splash, you can always just go in your normal clothes but add this amazing gash and bruise makeup, courtesy of San Francisco-based hair and makeup artist Josie Rodriguez!

What You’ll Need

  • 3rd Degree or liquid latex and tissue
  • A small makeup spatula or Q-Tips
  • Black cream makeup
  • Injury or bruise makeup (I like Kryolan’s Bruise Wheel, but you can get generic injury cream makeup at Halloween stores)
  • Fake blood – the thicker the better
  • Foundation
  • Makeup sponges and wedges

Part One: Molding Your Wound

Gash Makeup 3rd Degree

Step One: After applying your normal makeup, spread a thin layer of 3rd Degree or liquid latex (you can find it at your local pop-up Halloween store) across your skin on the area where you plan to have your gash. It’s helpful to have an idea planned out in advance for what you want it to look like, as these products can dry quickly.

Step Two: Use a small spatula or a Q-Tip to spread the 3rd Degree or latex and start shaping it into whatever you want your gash to look like. If you’re using latex, place a piece of tissue over that latex while it’s still wet, and seal the edges off with more latex. Build up layers of tissue and latex until you get the shape and thickness you want. If you’re using 3rd Degree, it will dry pretty fast, so make sure you shape and mold immediately.

Step Three: Once tissue is dry you can start a small hole in latex with scissors or the end of small spatula. You can continue to cut the rest of your gash, or you can rip it to create a larger hole. Note that the great thing about using 3rd Degree is that you can peel the mold off and use it again!

Part Two: Making It Bloody

Gash Makeup Step 1

Step One: After you have made your gash opening, add black paint on the inside to add depth. Then cover the latex or 3rd Degree with your foundation.

Gash Makeup Step 2

Step Two: Add blood! I like Fleet Street, because the consistency is thicker. Another good one is Fresh Scratch Blood Effects from Kryolan, which is a very thick paste-like blood. It gives the wound more texture.

Gash Makeup Step 3

Step Three: Use a sponge to apply blood around the gash as well to create a splatter-like effect.

Gash Makeup Step 4

Step Four: To create bruises, I used the Kryolan Bruise Wheel (if you can’t get it in time, you can find injury cream makeup at most Halloween stores). Apply light purple in the shape you desire using a small stipple brush, or you can tear a foam wedge sponge in half to add texture.

Step Five: Apply a small amount of red over the purple, then small amount of dark purple to add definition and depth.

You’re done with your gash victim! Oh no, what on Earth happened to you?!

Josie Rodriguez is a San Francisco-based makeup and hair artist. Check out her portfolio at josierodriguezhmu.com.
Images via Sara Brink.