GOP Presidential Contenders To Party With “Kill The Gays” Pastor

Whatever spooky plans you’ve got for this weekend don’t hold a candle to the sheer horror in store next week at the “National Religious Liberties Conference” in Iowa. For there will not simply be ghosts and ghouls- but Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal, and Mike Huckabee, plus a bunch of people who really, really want to be able to kill people for being gay.

The event is hosted by Kevin Swanson, who is widely known for his support of the death penalty for gay people in Uganda, and his advocacy of such a policy here in the United States. He also thinks Beyoncé is possessed by demons, and that the purpose of both the Girl Scouts and the movie “Frozen” was to turn little girls into lesbians.

But Cruz, Jindal and Huckabee will not be the only speakers at this event. It will also include Phil Kayser, who authored a paper arguing for the criminalization of homosexuality–and for the punishment to include the death penalty, and Joel McDurmon who believes our civil laws need to follow the rules of the Old Testament, and that the punishment for both homosexuality and adultery should be death.


Please note that during Wednesday’s debate, Ted Cruz was absolutely furious over how cruel it was of the liberal media to insinuate that he was somehow homophobic just because he didn’t believe gay people should have the same rights as he does to marry the person they love and visit them in the hospital when they’re ill.

Now! You can say that it’s possible that all of these people could choose to speak at this event and not necessarily agree with putting people to death for being gay, or with legally requiring everyone to practice Christianity and abide by the rules of the Old Testament. Sure! I’m not even going to say that that’s what they think!

However, I don’t see these people making any special effort to speak at any events, religious or otherwise, where the other speakers disagree with them in the way that they are more tolerant. Just saying. They’d speak at a religious event where the host was calling for gay people to be actually put to death, but probably not at one where the host was pro-gay marriage. To me, I think this says a lot.

I mean, can you imagine if Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton spoke at an event where the host advocated killing Christians? I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t go over so well. But speaking at an event where the host advocates murdering American citizens because he doesn’t like who they fuck is supposed to be OK some how? I don’t think so.