Duggars Bribe Anna With Fancy Mansion In Hopes She Won’t Divorce Josh

In case you were concerned that the Duggars would be penniless following the cancellation of their teevee show, fret not! Because apparently they can afford to buy a $345,000 “mini-mansion” for their daughter in-law Anna — likely to ensure that she will keep standing by her man and not divorce Josh just because he is a weird child-molesting garbage person widely known for having cheated on her.

Also, you can apparently get a “mini-mansion,” with a pool, in Arkansas for $345,000.

According to reports, the Duggars bought the house in September, and Jill and Derick Dillard lived there for a while before going on their totally legit missionary trip.

However, the Inqisitr reports that while the Duggars have gifted the house to Anna and Josh, Anna probably can’t live there until Josh gets back from Jesus Sex Rehab, because their religion forbids women from living alone. So she’s just gonna have to continuing to live with her children, in a small closet under the stairs in the Duggar home, until Josh gets back. You know, because womenfolk cannot be trusted.

Although this is a lovely incentive, Anna probably couldn’t actually leave Josh even if she wanted to, given her lack of education and job skills and the four children she has to take care of, and the fact that she’d likely be shunned by her religious community for doing so.


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