All Hail Mer-Cat, Empress Of Halloween

Halloween is a special time for those of us who have adopted animals as a stand-in for children. Kids are great to dress up (just ask my mom, who took Halloween as a personal challenge), but animals? Animals have fur. So clearly they’re cuter.

And this particular Mer-Cat is extra-special. She won a contest! Her people-mom set her up for a Glamour Shots-style portrait! She barely fits into that ridiculous tail! Look at that wig! In that costume, she can’t even move, fulfilling every cat’s dream to be immobile, attended to, and receiving devotion from someone they’re glaring at!

If your Halloween costume is as great as this cat’s costume, and if your happiness this Halloween is in inverse proportion to the amount of joy on this cat’s face, you will have won Halloween this year. All hail this cat.


Image via Imgur

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