Mark Zuckerberg Will Kill Candy Crush Invites Even If It Kills Him In The Process

Candy Crush and its attendant offshoots loom over your Facebook feed, aggressively issuing invites and requests for more lives from people you went to high school with, like blinking digital reminders of people whose “friendship” you accepted out of sheer habit. Playing Candy Crush is one of life’s pure joys. Unintentionally spamming all the guys you slept with in 2013 reveals not only the insidious nature of this behemoth, but also your insatiable quest to crush confections. But Mark Zuckerberg is here to make the pain stop.

He knows, you see. He knows.

According to Vulture, Zuckerberg acknowledged the scourge of Candy Crush notifications, noting that the barrage of invites and life requests rank among Facebook’s top annoyances, according to an online survey of its users. The reason behind this flurry of thirst is simple: “There are some tools — that are kind of outdated — that allow people to send invitations to people who’ve never used a game and don’t play games on Facebook,” Zuckerberg said at an event in India this week. “If this is the top thing that people care about, we’ll prioritize that and do it. So we’re doing it.”

Rest easy, my Crushing brethren. Facebook may be the one thing on the internet that eventually swallows everything else, leaving nothing but crumbs in its wake, but soon your crippling addition to this nightmare/daydream will be your own personal secret. [Vulture]