Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Day Of The Dead

Two more days until Halloween! Yesterday, San Francisco-based film makeup artist Josie Rodriguez taught us how to become a Harley Quinn-esque hot-creepy clown. If that didn’t float your boat and maybe you’re looking for something a little bit more beautiful, you’re in luck, because today she’s teaching us how to make ourselves up with a gorgeous Day of the Dead look. Take it away, Josie!

What You’ll Need

  • Clown white cream face paint
  • Setting powder
  • Black cream face paint
  • A few other colors of face paint – brighter is better
  • Black eyeshadow
  • Brushes
Day of the Dead Makeup Step 1

Step One: Draw circles around the eyes, including over your eyebrows, and fill them in with black paint. I use the Make Up For Ever 12 Flash color pallet, but any black cream paint will do.

Day of the Dead Makeup Step 2

Step Two: Cover your face to the collarbone – including your lips –with clown white face paint. I used Kryolan, but you can use any cream base white paint. It’s good to set it with setting powder – It will help prevent smearing and prolong the life of the makeup.

Day of the Dead Makeup Step 3

Step Three: Paint a flower petal-like design around the circled eye and fill it in using any of the 12 flash colors from Make Up For Ever pallet or any other cream based color paint. Brighter colors are better.

Day of the Dead Makeup Step 4

Step Four: Draw a thin line from corner of mouth to the ear using black paint, then use black eyeshadow to shade under the line down to the jaw and around your hairline.

Day of the Dead Makeup Step 5

Step Five: Paint a black design on your nose. Add a flower on the chin to brighten it up.

Day of the Dead Makeup Step 6

Step Six: Draw small vertical lines along the lines on your cheeks and on your lips.

Day of the Dead Makeup Step 7

Step Seven: Add dots into the petal design around your eyes, and paint swirly designs wherever you like. You can add a cross in the middle of your forehead to create a more traditional Day of the Dead look.

Day of the Dead Makeup Step 8

Step Eight: Just a tiny bit more shading – use black eyeshadow to darken your temples and your lips.

Day of the Dead Makeup Step 9

Step Nine: You’re done! Go out and get spooky and beautiful with your Day of the Dead makeup!

Josie Rodriguez is a San Francisco-based makeup and hair artist. Check out her portfolio at josierodriguezhmu.com.

Images via Sara Brink.