This Woman Who Took Engagement Photos With Pizza Is Your New Shero

Your new best friend Nicole Larson, a student at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada, has taken the only set of engagement photos that you need to see. According to the Facebook photo album, Larson only took these photos because “her love for pizza is eternal,” a sentiment you can surely get behind as you cue up the next episode of “The Leftovers” and weep inconsolably into your dinner for one.

Engagement photos — why? Out of all the extras the wedding industrial complex forces down your throat, these seem the most egregious. Yes, I know you’re engaged, because we saw it on Facebook/Snapchat/the group text that we “Do Not Disturb”-ed shortly after. If I’m getting a save the date, we know what you and your intended look like, so the 25 frame photo shoot of you guys kissing in fall leaves is decidedly unnecessary. Why, newly-engaged couples? Why?

America, take note. Nicole Larson is a shero for the ages. Give this woman a medal.