South Carolina Deputy Ben Fields To Be Fired For Assaulting High School Girl

Deputy Ben Fields, the Spring Valley High School resource officer who assaulted a teenage girl when she refused to get out of her seat and leave the classroom, will be fired, Sheriff Leon Lott is expected to announce at a press conference later today. The incident made headlines on Monday evening, after video of the assault began to circulate on social media; since then, a few other videos taken by the girl’s classmates have also been posted, clearly showing Fields using excessive force in response to the girl’s refusal to leave the classroom. She and another female student who stood up to defend her were both arrested on the charge of “disturbing schools.” Fields has been suspended without pay, and the FBI, the Justice Department and state law enforcement are all conducting separate investigations into the incident.

Meanwhile, others have come forward to allege Fields has a history of making racist comments to students (the student he assaulted is Black), and has been sued twice before — once in 2007, for using excessive force against a uniformed army medic, as well as a still pending case from another student who was expelled from Spring Valley High School who alleged that Fields specifically targets minority students for harassment.


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