No One Here Wants To Cover Jared Fogle’s Gross Secret Recordings

As you may have heard, the “Dr. Phil” show has obtained some secret tapes of Jared Fogle bragging about molesting children. That’s about all I’ve heard about it as well, because you know what? I don’t want to listen to that shit. Neither does anyone else here at The Frisky. We don’t want to read a transcript, we don’t want to put thought into having something biting or insightful to say about it, we just don’t want to touch it with a 10-foot pole. We don’t want that in our brains. The moment it was brought up in our chatcave as a thing that was going around, every one of us said “NOPE.”

And you know what, that is actually kind of the awesome thing about working for this site. I like that about us, quite honestly. I think it’s good, in general, to just have lines you won’t cross.

If it were something that were in some way useful to the public, sure! We’d suffer through it, we’ve done it before. But you know what? We don’t think you need that in your head either, and if you think you do, it’s everywhere else right now and you are free to Google.

We figure it’s a dismal enough day out today, and the Republican debates are tonight, and there’s enough crap in the world that we don’t need to literally hear some scumbag bragging about molesting children. We’re all aware that Jared Fogle exists, and that other people like him exist, but actually listening to him talk about it isn’t going to help anyone learn anything or do anything about it.

So whatever. Fuck Jared Fogle, you don’t need that shit, we don’t need that shit, let’s all just watch this instead.

Self care, people. Self care.