Female Student Who Was Assaulted By Cop Is Recently Orphaned And Living In Foster Care

The 16-year-old Spring Valley High School student who was choked, slammed to the ground and dragged across the floor of her classroom by a police deputy, arrested and now facing a charge of “disrupting schools,” is currently living in foster care after her mother’s recent death left her an orphan. In an interview with Shaun King in the New York Daily News, the girl’s attorney, Todd Rutherford, revealed his client’s upsetting back story, shedding some light on the circumstances that likely contributed to the girl’s refusal to leave class before officer Ben Fields was called in and violently removed her himself. (The girl’s identity has not been revealed to the media.)

Rutherford told the Daily News that his client had injuries on her face, neck, and arm from the assault, and her foster mother said that she is “devastated and emotionally traumatized.” It’s great that the school district and the authorities responded to this incident of police brutality by swiftly by launching an investigation and placing Fields on unpaid leave before officially firing him – but it’s appalling that this girl is still facing criminal charges for essentially having a bad attitude (and given her recent tragedy, who can blame her?), while the grown man who was caught on camera assaulting her has not been arrested. [NY Daily News]