Sugar Won’t Kill You, Please Stop Taking The Internet At Its Word

Don’t believe the hype, please; sugar is not going to kill you. There have been several articles published with clickbait-y headlines about a new study that says that (surprise) sugar is bad for you. Check it out:

Let’s look at the facts about this, shall we? The author of the study is also the author of a book called Fat Chance: The Hidden Truth About Sugar. The study involved all of 43 subjects. Those subjects were children, and Tom Sanders at King’s College noted that children tend to under-report and underestimate their food intake. Professor Naveed Sattar of Glasgow University also noted that the study was tiny and that “it has not been statistically well-controlled,” adding, while speaking with The Guardian, “when people are losing weight, even if modest, their metabolic changes can seem larger than they actually are – one needs to see results once folk return to their habitual state after they’ve finished losing weight. Overall, this study is of modest interest but is far from convincing.”

So no, sugar is not definitely toxic, and cutting sugar may not be the only factor in the childrens’ health improvements. Science is more complicated than media outlets would like you to believe. Imagine that!

It’s a lot like how bacon and other cured meats – yesterday’s “[Insert Food You Love Here] Is Bad For You” topic of the day – contain carcinogens, but can’t rightly be said to cause cancer so much as eating bacon and cured meats on the really regular reg might increase your risk of developing colorectal cancer from 5 percent to 6 percent.

Does humanity have a fetish for seeking out information they don’t want to hear? Guys, eat sugar and bacon if you want to. It’s your life, and eventually every single food that exists on the planet will be deemed a carcinogen according to some tiny, over-publicized study anyway.

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