Should We Allow The Womenfolk To Wear Leggings? Fox Bros Discuss!

Continuing their grand tradition of asking a bunch of dudes about things that aren’t really their business, “Fox and Friends” decided to take on the fraught autumnal (fraughtumnal?) issue of women wearing leggings. Naturally, they sought the opinion of experts on this matter, a bunch of dudes!

The all-male panel consisted of Willie Robertson of “Duck Dynasty,” Arthur Aidala of Fox News, and Andrew Sansone of being married to Fox’s Julie Banderas — because they are all fathers of daughters, just the sort of people who might be inclined to wear leggings.

Host Steve Doocy began the segment by referencing a viral video in which a woman explains that “leggings ain’t britches” and proceeded to grill the panel on whether or not they would allow their precious daughters to wear such things.

Leggings ain’t pants. Does she have a point? We have brought in an esteemed panel of fathers right here to see if they would allow their daughters to wear leggings to school. Joining us right now we have Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson, round of applause for Willie, ladies and gentlemen. Fox News legal analyst, Arthur Aidala, and Andrew Sansone is the father of two young girls and he happens to be married to our own Fox News’ Julie Banderas. Alright. Let’s just start by asking general questions about leggings. Willie, are you comfortable with the women in your life parading in public in leggings?

Now I’m gonna say, I do not care for Willie Robertson — but to his credit, he did not seem to give a fuck over whether his daughters wore leggings or not, and seemed to be somewhat confused over the premise of the whole segment. I’m just gonna guess that a dude who is consistently bedecked in head-to-toe camouflage is not spending a lot of time thinking about fashion.

The other dude, Andrew Sansone, was just like “Uh, my daughters are babies?”, but Arthur Aidala took the bait and ran with it, proclaiming that his daughters were only allowed to wear clothes they would wear to a monastery. I’m not sure what that would consist of, since I don’t think women are allowed to enter monasteries, but OK.

Doocy then “paraded” a group of three women before the menfolk and asked them to weigh in on whether or not they were wearing leggings in an acceptable manner. I’m going to assume he was really hoping for some good-time slut shaming the three wanton Jezebels, but no one except Aidala seemed to really care or join in on the “NOT MY DAUGHTER OH MY GOD!” train. Because let’s face it, no one looks at a woman in a hoodie and leggings and goes “My god, what a hussy,” so much as “Hey, that woman sure looks like she is probably going grocery shopping.”

To be fair, I don’t think most men, particularly older men, give a ton of consideration to the specifics of women’s clothing in that way. I mean, no matter what I’m wearing my dad calls it a “dress” or a “uniform” and he refers to all makeup as “mascara.” I don’t think a lot of men even know what leggings are.

Naturally, being that this is Fox News, evenhandedness/subtle racism was strived for, and Aidala was quick to note that he also disapproves of young men sagging their pants. You know, because there is just never an inopportune time to bring that up.

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