Scary Monsters, Super Treats: How To Make Adorable Halloween Monster Cupcakes

Do you want to make festive Halloween cupcakes, but you have basically low to no frosting skills? I got your back! Here’s a very simple monster cupcake that takes basically no skill and very little special equipment. You will be munching on adorable monsters in no time!

What You’ll Need:

monster cupcakes-1
  • Cupcakes
  • Frosting (canned or homemade; if you get cans, get three or four)
  • Food colors
  • Three piping bags (craft stores have them)
  • A safety pin, fork, small scissors, skewer, toothpick or something else that’s small and pointy
  • Stick-like candies or cookies (I used Yan Yan but other good choices would be Pocky or Twizzlers)


Step One: Mix your frosting colors. You’ll need a little bit of white, a little bit of gray/brown/black (I used 10 drops of blue, 8 drops of red, and 8 drops of yellow), and three or four other colors. I always liked how the monsters looked in pastels, but if bright colors float your boat and you don’t mind having a weird-colored tongue, have at it.

monster cupcakes-3

Step Two: Make a makeshift grass tip by poking several holes in the tip of one of your piping bags. I used a safety pin and then widened the holes with a small set of scissors – you’ll want them to be a little wide, because you have to squeeze a semi-solid through them and that can be tiring if the holes are too small. You could also buy a grass tip as long as you’re at the craft store, but it won’t be spectacularly easier to use.

monster cupcakes-4

Step Three: Cut a tiny bit off the tip of your second bag, and a tiny bit more off the tip of the third. These are basically makeshift #3 and #12 piping tips, which, again, you can buy, but it won’t make a huge difference.

monster cupcakes-6

Step Four: Fill your piping bags. The bag with the smallest opening will get the gray/brown/black frosting; the bag with the wider opening will get the white frosting. The bag with the “grass tip” will get a scoop of all the other colors. When you fill a piping bag, hold it so that the tip is facing down, fold the top of the bag over your hand, and scoop the frosting in. Then, fold the top back up, move the frosting toward the tip of the bag, and twist the bag right where the frosting stops. This will give you leverage to get the frosting through the tip and a little handle to hold it with. Re-twist the bag as you use up the frosting to maintain that leverage.

monster cupcakes-7

Step Five: Pipe the bodies of the monsters with your multi-colored bag. You’ll want to make it look like a mound of spaghetti, so basically just squeeze until you’ve got a decent pile of spaghetti-ish frosting. Like I said: Little to no expertise required!

monster cupcakes-8

Step Six: Make eyeballs with your white frosting by squeezing the frosting in circles. You can use the tip of the bag to tame any flyaway frosting.

monster cupcakes-9

Step Seven: Give your monsters faces with the bag of dark frosting. Go wild! You can make them do anything! I stick to just eyes and a mouth, but the possibilities are endless!

monster cupcakes-10

Step Eight: Admire your handiwork! The hard work is over – look at those adorable little critters!

monster cupcakes-11

Step Nine: Use your stick candies to give your monsters antennae. Now they can hear!

monster cupcakes-13

Step Ten: You’re done! You created them, and now you can destroy them – with your mouth.


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