O’Reilly Henchman Jesse Watters Totally Proves “Liberal Bias” At Cornell

If you read this site, odds are you probably do not watch Bill O’Reilly too often. However, you should know that O’Reilly has a segment in which one of his producers, Jesse Watters, attempts to get hip with the young people by imitating the classic late night schtick of going around and asking random people on the street questions and then editing it down to the people who answer incorrectly for laffs.

Previously, O’Reilly’s youth ambassador “infiltrated” the line at a Lady Gaga concert and laughed at a person who didn’t speak English for not knowing the word “narcotics.” LOLFOREVER.

For this “Watter’s World” segment, Jesse trucked on down to Ithaca, NY to Cornell University–to prove, once and for all, that the Ivy League college was chock full of liberal bias. Said visit was spurred by a report that 95% of political donations made by Cornell staff went to Democratic candidates.

I know. It’s absolutely shocking. Smart people, in the Northeast, not voting Republican. Can you believe it?

Although Watters was eventually given the boot by Cornell (you know, because liberal bias, not because he was annoying people or anything), he did get himself a few CLASSIC GOTCHA moments! Like, he totally found a Cornell student who didn’t think we should build a giant wall across the border of Mexico! Can you believe it! And he found one conservative student who said that other conservative students got bad grades on papers for including conservative talking points! Which actually makes sense when you consider that most conservative talking points are factually wrong, but whatever! Liberal bias! If the teachers were really fair, they would totally let students go on pretending global warming isn’t real and gay people are possessed by demons in order to protect their delicate feelings and fragile world view.

This is the saddest thing to watch. It’s just so sad. This sad little dude walking around being totally aghast that people who attend a prestigious university do not share his worldview. At one point he asks a girl who could reasonably be Islamic if the phrase “Islamic Terror” is offensive, and then snaps back with a real clever quick about how there hasn’t been any Episocopalian Terrorism these days. Which is actually not entirely the case–statistically, right-wing terrorists have killed more people in America since 9/11 than jihadists.

The fact that many institutions of higher learning, specifically the most prestigious ones, tend to lean left is not evidence of any grand conspiracy to indoctrinate the youth of the country. There are, quite frankly, a number of reasons why this is the case.

1. Conservatives have long had a strong anti-intellectual streak–they tend to find book-smart people inherently suspicious and, frankly, ungodly. Back in the day, a large part of the reason they opposed women going to college was that they thought book learnin’ would make them turn away from god. So yeah, it’s not surprising that there aren’t a lot of Conservatives who choose a life in academia.

2. You learn facts in school, and facts have a well-known liberal bias.

3. The more educated people are, the more liberal they tend to be. It’s not a conspiracy or some kind of indoctrination–it’s that being exposed to more people and more ideas just tends to make you less afraid of people who are different than you are. It’s the same reason why people in rural areas are also more likely to be conservative than people who live in cities.

4. When conservatives are in charge of education, as with the Texas school boards, they argue to limit the amount of information children get. They don’t want them to learn bad things about America or the Founding Fathers, because they don’t want them to not think America is the best ever. They argue patriotism over facts–and have often argued that it’s a bad idea to tell children anything negative about America for fear they will not grow up to be patriotic. Which is a good plan, actually, if you want them to grow up willing to die for their country in stupid wars. Thing is, you can’t really do that in college, unless it’s something like Liberty University.

5. Most professors don’t make enough to vote Republican for economic reasons, and they’re not afraid of immigrants and gay people enough to vote Republican for social reasons.

6. Quite frankly, most conservatives who obtain the level of education required to be a college professor are probably going to take their degree and use it in the private sector rather and try to make as much money as possible. No one gets exorbitantly wealthy in academia.

7. For what it’s worth, there literally are colleges–such as the previously mentioned Liberty University–that exist specifically to indoctrinate students in conservative and Christian belief systems. You don’t see me going around claiming that this is a “conspiracy” of some kind, because I’m not an idiot.

I get that this is all way more interesting to Bill O’Reilly and Jesse Watters if it’s some kind of evil conspiracy, created by secret evil Liberal cabals somewhere. But there’s a reason they say that “conspiracy theories are a dumb person’s way of trying to sound smart.” It’s a lot easier to say “All the smart people have been brainwashed into voting differently than I do!” than to draw the more obvious conclusion.