Handsome Man On Last Night’s “Jeopardy!” Unwittingly Becomes The Internet’s New Crush

Last night on “Jeopardy!,” Tom, a handsome bartender who “freelances in film production,” pulled a bunch of faces that dropped Twitter’s collective panties, before going down in a spectacular blaze of glory, answering the Final Jeopardy! question thusly:

Tom, it seems, is not so great at “Jeopardy!” According to Jezebel, he was in third place after the first commercial break, with only $400 to his name. His path from Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions contender to brief Internet infamy continued. Unable to answer the Final Jeopardy! question correctly, Tom instead chose to do what we all do when watching “Jeopardy!” from the safety and comfort of our homes. It may seem like this is a stupid thing to be excited about but let’s be real: most “Jeopardy!” contestants are nothing to write home about.

Tom, however, is the dude you had sex with after a frat party in college, the one who always seemed nice, but was actually still kind of a dick. Does it matter? Look at that punim.