Christian Website Advises Men To Not Look At Their Wives’ Faces During Coerced Sex

The Christian website, which espouses all sorts of ass-backwards, sexist, paternalistic garbage advice, has published a piece telling husbands that they “should not tolerate” their wives’ refusal to have sex. Columnist Larry Solomon insists that coercing women into having sex is for their own good, and that wives who don’t enjoy sex with their husbands “should fake it until [they] make it,” because “if you don’t have sex with your wife at regular intervals, even sometimes when she is not in the mood but consents anyway, you will open yourself to temptation.” As disgusting as these sentiments are — and to be clear, Solomon is basically endorsing marital rape, which he previously has written “doesn’t exist”  — they are depressingly par for the course amongst those conservative Christians who believe the husband is the king of their castle and his wife is there to serve.

But the crux of Solomon’s piece is about something more specific. A problem faced by many Christian men who coerce their wives into begrudgingly having sex with them — how do you get maximum enjoyment during sex when the look on your wife’s face and in her eyes says she only agreed because you really gave her no other choice? The solution, Solomon says, is to just stop looking at her face and eyes entirely! He writes:

Focus your eyes on her body, not her face. Focus on the visual pleasure you receive from looking at her body and physical pleasure you receive from being inside your wife. You want to connect with her physically AND emotionally during sex. But your wife is the one refusing to connect with you emotionally, so you have to concentrate 100% on the physical side.

See, unfortunately, it’s not possible to force a woman to connect emotionally, what with God being all tricky and giving women their own hearts and minds to control. How’s a Christian husband supposed to cope with such an egregious display of female emotional independence?! By doing whatever is necessary to get maximum enjoyment out of forcing her to connect physically, of course. Solomon went on to call a wife’s refusal to have sex a “sin,” comparing her to Medusa:

I know you love your wife, most men love their wives. But sin is ugly. Your beautiful bride’s face becomes ugly during this sinful time that she is grudgingly giving you sex as she grimaces wanting you to ‘just hurry up and get it over with’.

So like the men who could not look at Medusa’s face otherwise they would be killed, realize that if you look on your wife’s face when she is displaying a sinful attitude toward sex it will kill your sexual pleasure and may actually make it much more difficult for you to achieve the physical connection and release that you need. Sometimes we have to work around the sinful behavior of our wives and this will be one of those times.

I quite honestly don’t even know what to say here. Solomon is essentially advocating marital rape, and on top of that, is advising men on how to best enjoy marital rape when your wife’s grimacing displeasure threatens to kill your boner. I am genuinely surprised Solomon doesn’t just come out and recommend shoving a sock in her mouth and a bag over her head as a last resort. But maybe he’s saving that for a followup piece. Ugh.

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