Video Shows Officer Choking And Violently Slamming HS Girl To The Ground

Police in South Carolina are investigating an altercation between a female high school student and the school’s resource officer after a video of the incident started to circulate on social media. The video was taken inside a classroom at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, and shows a male police officer approaching a female student’s desk before suddenly and forcefully grabbing her arm, putting her in a chokehold, slamming her and the chair backwards onto the ground, and then dragging her away.

According to , the school resource officer was acting in response to a student who was refusing to leave class.

“The student was told she was under arrest for disturbing school and given instructions which she again refused,” Sheriff Leon Lott explained of the officer’s decision to use extreme force to deal with a high school girl’s passive “resistance.” “The video then shows the student resisting and being arrested by the SRO.”

According to ex-students of Spring Valley High School, the man in the video is the school’s resource officer, Ben Fields, who, they allege, has been accused of excessive force before, that time against a pregnant student. Given how quickly the officer above went from 0 to 100, I’m not surprised. And if I was a parent of a student at Spring Valley High, I would be flipping the fuck out right now. [Gawker]