Lance Bass Says The Kardashians “Saved Lamar Odom’s Life”

Lance Bass is crediting the Kardashians with saving Lamar Odom’s life, which seems like an extreme statement to make considering I’m pretty sure the doctors are the ones who did that. Bass also blathered on with his thoughts on Khloe Kardashian and Odom withdrawing their divorce papers, and predicted that Odom will stay sober and change a lot of lives once he has fully recovered. Those are nice things to hope for, but they’re also a lot of pressure AND don’t seem to take into account just how difficult and long a road recovery actually is. [People]

Jimmy Fallon, who already missed a bunch of work after injuring one of his hands, fucked up his other hand this weekend. Someone’s not going to be masturbating for awhile… [Variety]

I AM NOT OKAY WITH LAST NIGHT’S “WALKING DEAD.” THAT IS ALL. Spoilers at the link. Sigh. [Jezebel]

In her new autobiography, Rita Ora (I know, why does she need an autobiography? I don’t get it either) writes in depth about her first sexual relationship with a man, when she was 14 and he was 26. “It’s child abuse really, isn’t it?” she has said before about their 12-year age difference. Yes, yes I would say so. [Us Weekly]

A few days after Kanye’s flop of a birthday celebration for wife Kim Kardashian, Kim threw herself a much better party, a baby shower to toast the imminent arrival of their second child. The theme? “Troop Beverly Hills,” complete with indoor teepee tents and hot cocoa and pajamas and Shelly Duvall. Okay, maybe not that last one. But still, where was my invite? [Instagram]

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Blac Chyna, aka Amber Rose’s BFF and the woman who dated Tyga before he took up with Kylie Jenner, is apparently dating the rapper Future — and she got the HAND TATTOO to prove it. Girl, this is ill-advised. [Us Weekly]