Watch Sasheer Zamata Explain Privilege To A White Dude

Sasheer Zamata, “SNL” cast member and newly-anointed ACLU ambassador made this video to demonstrate just how privilege works. As she explains in a post on the ACLU’s blog,

“You see, some of us have more of it than others due to a bunch of factors we can’t control. It’s a secret weapon that helps us even when we don’t know it, makes structural discrimination difficult to see, and disproportionately affects women.”

To illustrate the above, she goes on a walk with a benignly clueless white bro while explaining the notion of privilege, a notion that the bro she’s with doesn’t quite understand.  In the course of their journey, Zamata walks past a billboard for a TV show starring white men, is stopped and frisked by the police and dons a Hazmat suit to avoid further street harassment. Her dude-friend acknowledges that he’s a feminist and is presented with a key to the city.

It’s funny, because it’s a teensy bit true. Keep this video close to your heart and trot it out whenever you find yourself faced with someone looking to tell you that privilege isn’t real.