Bride Gives Dad Some Kind Of Hymen Diploma To Prove Virginity

Usually, at a wedding, it’s the bride and groom who get the gifts. But at Brelyn Bowman’s recent wedding, she gave her dad a present. A “Certificate of Purity” signed by her doctor, certifying that her hymen was intact before getting married! For real! Like it’s a normal and not incredibly creepy thing to do!


Via New York Post:

Brelyn Bowman wanted to show her dad, a prominent pastor in Maryland, that she was still a virgin before she said “I do” to her longtime boy toy at a lavish ceremony Oct. 10 that included more than 3,500 people.
To make her innocence official, Bowman took matters into her own hands.
“I was able to present a certificate of purity to [my dad] signed by my doctor that my hymen was still intact,” Bowman wrote on her Instagram page along with a photo of her first dance with her old man at the wedding.
“If one person has made a decision to wait until marriage or decide to stop & wait we have done our job,” she wrote on another photo. “Let’s make Jesus famous!”

Jesus, a previously unheard of shepherd/religion founder, is finally becoming known to the public at large thanks to these random people and their Instagram account.

You know, I have been saying this for years, but I think this seals the deal–I am just way the hell more prude than these very holy and pure Christians are. These people are definitely not from New England, I will tell you that much. I have never been more grateful to have an extremely appropriate relationship with my parents in which all of us would fall down dead from shame immediately were I to even consider such a thing, nevermind post the damned hymen diploma on Instagram. I think I’m getting hives from just thinking about it.

I mean, it’s fine if you want to stay a virgin until you’re married, that’s your choice and I’m not here to judge you for it. However! Promoting the idea that your father is somehow the caretaker of your hymen? That is messed up and not OK.

Also, duh, hymen “tests” are bullshit, and there are lots of ways to not have an intact hymen before marriage anyway, including being born without one. This is not a good trend, and it does not need to take off. Please let it die with these weirdos.

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