Here’s John Travolta And Two Packs Of Silly Putty As Robert Shapiro

The next installment of “American Crime Story: The People vs O.J. Simpson” isn’t out until 2016, but Ryan Murphy’s been pooping out little previews during “American Horror Story: Hotel.” The latest features John Travolta, a pile of Silly Putty and a cheap suit as Robert Shapiro. For reference, here is the real Robert Shapiro.


It’s … close-ish. It’s not bad. It’s a passable tribute to a lawyer involved in a court case that inexplicably gripped our national attention for one heady summer. It’s a nice tribute to the power of camp. That suit! That dead-eyed Travolta stare. If you’re an OJ-trial-stan, analyze this 16-second video clip for historical accuracy and realism. The show itself will premiere sometime in February. [Dlisted]