Finally, A Chance To Wear Drake On Your Mouth

Tom Ford, purveyor of sexy perfumes and clothing for high class cyborg call girls, also makes devastatingly beautiful and expensive makeup. In response to Drake’s massive influence – or at the whim of a marketing person who really has their fingers on the pulse of the youth – Ford has now released a lipstick named after Drake. It’s part of his Lips & Boys collection, which features regular lipsticks in pretty solid colors named after men that inspire him.

Here is Drake, the lipstick:


It’s $52 and is described as a “dark burgundy,” but it looks closer to the mauve that comes as a free gift with purchase when your mom re-ups at Lancôme. Is the greatest way to pay tribute to Drake not his turtlenecks, or his hotline bling or his swag, but this lipstick? Maybe. It’s kind of hideous, but if you want to take the risk, it’s all yours, for a limited time, natch. Get it October 30th, just in time for a last minute Halloween costume change.

[People Stylewatch]