Camp Out In Your Feelings With Adele’s New Song, “Hello”

Here is the song that will soundtrack your late-night booty calls and your misguided texts sent to ex-boyfriends from high school as you’re flipping through your yearbooks at Thanksgiving. Here is “Hello,” Adele’s much-anticipated and breathlessly announced first single, off her “make-up” album, 25, which is hurtling our way at the end of November, just in time for the emotional gut punch of the holidays.

The song is standard Adele, all big, sweeping chorus, strings and a chanted chorus of “hello, hello” from the backup singers that gives it a sort of Enya vibe, but in a good way. I would happily live in the languorous, sepia-toned ¬†melancholia of the music video, swanning about in that fucking amazing fur and crying big, fat mascara tears.

“Hello, can you hear me,” asks Adele. “I’m in California, dreaming about who we used to be.” Yes, bitch, we hear you. We hear you loud and clear and now we are crying even though it’s nice out and it’s just Friday and the fact that you say “hallo” in the chorus makes us laugh. Hallo! Goodbye. We’ll be over here if you need us.