Watch The Trailer For Aziz Ansari’s Netflix Comedy, “Master Of None”

Aziz Ansari’s introspective comedy series, “Master Of None” is coming to Netflix and the first official trailer for it is here. At first glance: not too shabby. It’s the first actual, real television role for Ansari after playing Tom Haverford on “Parks and Recreation,” and it seems to be more in line with the kind of stuff he’s actually interested in — modern relationships and the trickiness of being in your thirties and dating and trying to figure it all out.

Less “Sex and the City” and more of a “Louie”-meets-Woody Allen hybrid, the trailer sets up all your standard 2010s indie-rom-dramedy tropes: awkward sex; women with bangs; introspective walks down New York City streets. But, there’s promise here. Aziz Ansari can be abrasive, but he’s also really, really funny. And, if you’ve paid any attention to his Netflix comedy specials or read his book, Modern Romance, he has some casually insightful and very real things to say about the landscape of modern relationships and dating, all of which he appears to have distilled into this show.

If you’re so inclined to add something to your binge-list, “Master of None” comes to Netflix November 6.