Thank Us Later: The Best Cups On Earth

The number of items I will recommend to every single person is very very small. If I’m going to tell you that you’ll thank me later for your purchase, I really want it to be a guarantee that I can vouch for. I’m going to make what might seem like a ridiculous suggestion, but I can say from experience that you will never ever regret buying these amazing tumblers.

I have nigh a spiritual connection with these tumblers. They are God’s gift to tabletops. There is nothing bad to say about them. They’re the perfect size for those giant balls of ice, they hold a deceptive 16 ounces of liquid, and every single time you drink from them, magic happens. It’s a stupidly simple visual trick: the inner part of the glass is cut to be faceted like a gem, and the bottom is painted as a rainbow, so they sparkle from every angle. Do you want to feel happy and delighted and overall like the world is a good place every time you drink water? Fucking get these cups.

I know there will be objections, like: But you can’t wash them in the dishwasher. It is worth it, friend. If you really, really don’t want to wash something by hand that I can vouch will legitimately improve your life in a small but meaningful way, I respect that. Do you.

Or like: But it says you can’t drink alcohol from them. That’s why we have wine glasses and special cups for beer. Alcohol is better when you drink it from the right glass, but what about every single non-alcoholic beverage you ever drink in your life? Have you thought about what receptacle is going to be best for that? Probably not, and I’m telling you: It’s these tumblers. Even if you put milk in them, you’d still get the rainbow reflecting off of the rim of the glass, and when you got to the bottom, you’d have a sparkly gift awaiting you.

Or like: They’re eight bucks apiece. Are you telling me you don’t have thirty-five dollars to make your days more joyful? Maybe you don’t, and if not, I understand. But maybe you do, and you’ve just been living your life assuming that cups are not worth your thought or money. What if someone made a cup that was, though? And I’m telling you: It’s these tumblers.

My feeling about these tumblers is: Why not cherish every single second that you can? These tumblers help me to cherish the time that I spend drinking water, and they light up whatever surface I put them on. Again, I am aware that this may seem ridiculous, but if you buy them, you will thank me later.

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