Donald Trump Was The Inspiration For Biff In “Back To The Future”

Today in news that should surprise exactly no one, Bob Gale, who wrote “Back To The Future II,” revealed to The Daily Beast that the character of Biff Tannin — the fictional movie villain — is based on Donald Trump, the real life movie villain.

“We thought about it when we made the movie! Are you kidding?” he says. “You watch Part II again and there’s a scene where Marty confronts Biff in his office and there’s a huge portrait of Biff on the wall behind Biff, and there’s one moment where Biff kind of stands up and he takes exactly the same pose as the portrait? Yeah.”

Of course, in the movie, Biff uses the profits from his 27-story casino (the Trump Plaza Hotel, completed in 1984, is 37 floors, by the way) to help shake up the Republican Party, before eventually assuming political power himself, helping transform Hill Valley, California, into a lawless, dystopian wasteland, where hooliganism reigns, dissent is quashed, and wherein Biff encourages every citizen to call him “America’s greatest living folk hero.”

“Back To The Future II” predicted a lot of things that eventually came to pass–self-checkout lines, our deep and abiding attachment to our phones (even though our phones are not glasses)–but predicting Donald Trump getting into politics and people taking that seriously? That is perhaps most impressive at all. Granted, Dan Quayle was Vice President at that time, so perhaps it wasn’t too big of a leap. Also, my god, remember when Dan Quayle was the dumbest Republican we’d ever heard of? Jeez, those were the days, weren’t they?

Let’s just hope he wasn’t too prescient, because I really do not want to live in a Dystopian Hill Valley version of America.

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