Cool Dude Jeremy Renner Has No Interest In Fighting For Equal Pay

Jeremy Renner, the bluntly attractive man who starred in “The Hurt Locker” and is now an “Avenger,” has read his former “American Hustle” co-star Jennifer Lawrence’s essay on wage equality in Hollywood. And, even though his other “American Hustle” co-star and presumed friend and bro-bud, Bradley Cooper, is taking a stand against wage inequality, vowing to help his female co-stars negotiate their salaries before committing to a film, Renner has little interest in that.

“That’s not my job,” he told Business Insider, when asked about the wage gap. “I don’t know contracts and money and all that sort of stuff.”  BI notes that Renner made more money than Lawrence and his other “American Hustle” co-star, Amy Adams, a fact that was revealed to just about everybody in the world with a passing interest in entertainment, movies, or business during last year’s Sony hack.

Renner may not know “contracts and money,” but he can read. And speak! It’s great that Cooper’s made a stand to stand with his female co-stars in the future, because sometimes an ally can be helpful, but it’s quite another thing to announce out loud that it’s not your job.

Here’s a secret, Jer — we know it’s not your job. It’s not your bro Bradley’s job either. It’s the job of your manager, your agent, and the cloud of people that work above and around people at your level of fame to make sure that your basic needs are taken care of. There’s someone who calls you an Uber when it’s time for you to go. There’s someone who shuffles papers and negotiates on your behalf in a weirdly antiseptic conference room. We know it’s not you. But why make such a fuss about announcing the obvious when what you could do is just keep your mouth shut?

It’d be great if all the men in Hollywood beat their chests and assembled the legions and stormed the castle for equal pay for all. But no one’s expecting that. Frankly, we know better than to expect that. So Cooper’s public gesture feels nice and could be great if it turns out to be legit and not an empty promise. But, there’s no reason for anyone to publicly declare their willful ignorance of a subject that’s decidedly in their face. That’s what Jeremy Renner is doing.

Do I like him less because of this? Yes, a little. Will his publicist pull him aside before his next event and hiss “Stop saying it’s not your job, you moron” into his ear before pushing him in front of a step and repeat and clenching her teeth? Probably not. It’s on you, Ren-Ren. Fix it.

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