Purity Obsessed Parents Lose Their Everloving Shit At Meeting On Optional Sex-Ed Class

Oh man. What to even say about this? An Omaha Public Schools meeting for parents regarding an entirely optional Comprehensive Sex Education class descended into chaos this week when a group of abstinence-loving parents completely lost their shit and started screaming and assaulting people.

Nearly a thousand people showed up to the meeting meant to address making some changes to the curriculum, which had seriously not been updated since 1986. The most controversial of these changes were those, god forbid, acknowledging the existence of gay and trans people. But, naturally, the parents were most upset about things they pretty much just made up themselves. Bernie Garcia, the parent of an OPS fourth-grader, who stood outside of the meeting holding a sign saying “Say No To Comprehensive Sex-Ed,” told Live Well Nebraska that he was particularly upset because he had heard that comprehensive sex education involved teaching young children how to masturbate, and also different sexual positions.

Participant Amber Parker told WDAM news that “Planned Parenthood has came in. There is a big ring here. We are fighting this on the state level as well,” which also was not true. Also–a “big ring?” Does she think Planned Parenthood is like, a crime syndicate or the illuminati? Seriously?

The scene started getting extra dicey when a speaker who happened to be an actual doctor explained to the crowd that comprehensive sex-education includes both abstinence education and information on contraception, and that it is an absolute fact that is more effective than abstinence education alone. However, the real violence erupted when the audience was told that they would not be having small group discussions as promised due to the fact that there were a 1000 people there. 

Jay Irwin, who attended the meeting, described some of the madness on his Facebook page:

Other outbursts were happening around the room. One woman was almost given a citation for breastfeeding her child in the audience, which is of course well within her rights. She had to speak up that breastfeeding was well within her rights, and that the police were there to ensure she was able to do so.

An athiest was physically assaulted because of her deeply held, personal beliefs and sexuality.

A group of young LGBTQ people were threatened with violence by a mother and her son for being there, for not apologizing for their sexuality, and for supporting education that was respectful of their identities. They were called evil, sinful, and told they were going to hell. The advisor that brought them, who is also queer identified, was told that she was teaching them how to be gay and that she should be ashamed of herself. When the advisor asked that the person be respectful, that’s when the treats of violence began. She ushered her groups out to make sure they stayed safe.

What the actual hell?

Oh, and then there was this lady who started screaming “It’s my daughter! My daughter! Who’s going to keep her pure? Nobody! I am! Not OPS! Not OPS!”

I just–I’m not sure I even have words for whatever this is. It’s just absurd. I mean, the class isn’t even mandatory, so I’m pretty sure her daughter could just not take the class. Then, you know, this woman can fill her head with the exact same kinds of crazy abstinence shit that I have seen leave deep psychological scars on many adult women and men.

I get that these parents think that if we just never tell their kids anything about sex other than that they will go to hell if they have it, that those children will remain pure and save themselves for marriage. But like, when has that ever been the case? These freaking purity people get knocked up all over the place! Look at the freaking Duggars! They never shut up about purity, and they ended up with a child molesting son who cheats on his wife with porn stars. I mean, if this was a thing that worked, I’m pretty sure it would have worked for Josh Duggar and Bristol Palin. Do they really think that if they just keep doing the same thing over and over again that they will eventually get their desired result? Or do they not actually even care what that result is?