Why The Queer Community Loves Witches

Do you love witches? Are you queer? Me too. My personal favorite is April Ludgate. It might not have been scripted into “Parks and Recreation” that April was literally a witch, but I bet that if you asked her, she’d say she was. Elvira is a distant second (boobs for dayz!). All hail April, empress of darkness.

Anyway, YouTuber and all-around delight Matt Baume breaks down why queer people seem to gravitate toward witches: Because they’re outsiders and they embrace it, because they’re powerful and they use their power to their own advantage. Sometimes they’re sexy, but sometimes by conventional standards they’re repulsive, but they really couldn’t care less. And of course, there’s one witch who’s both – the half-squid, half-drag queen Ursula, who oozes DGAF and who was based on the legendary Divine.

Who’s your favorite witch?

[h/t Towleroad]

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