Nutscapes: The Beauty Of Picturesque Landscape Photography, Now With Some Dude’s Balls

Do you enjoy photographs of glimmering sunsets, wide open fields and majestic purple mountains and whatnot? Sure, probably! Lots of people do! It’s not my thing, personally, but I am also a weirdo who doesn’t have any interest in going to see the Grand Canyon ever! However, even I can get behind Nutscapes, the Instagram account that pairs lovely landscape photography with nutsacks.


Look at the play of light and shadow! And the tiny ball hairs shimmering in the sunset!

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It’s a lovely day for a sail, but also for some testicles!

I don’t actually know anything to say about art other than “look at the play of light and shadow!” So, again, “look at the play of light and shadow!” and also the testicle.

However, as whimsical as these portraits are — and I recommend reading more about them over at The Daily Dot — it’s a tinge odd that it’s apparently cool with Instagram if some dude wants to take a picture of his ballsack dangling over a lake, but female nipples are verboten? That doesn’t seem right. There should be room for everyone’s balls and nipples, I say!

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