This Woman’s Instagram Collects 10 Years Of Degrading And Vile Messages From Men

Mia Matsumiya is a professional violinist based in Los Angeles, where she’s worked as a musician for the past 10 years. She is also a self-described “4’9″ perv magnet,” a fact that is illustrated by the thousands of lewd, disgusting and disrespectful messages she’s received from men online. No longer content to sit in silence while randos from all corners take liberty with the bounds of respectability in online messages, she’s compiled her archives into one Instagram account, @perv_magnet, comprised of screenshots of the worst offenders in her 10 years existing as a woman in a public sphere.

Cool fantasy about the porn boxes and wedding ring, bro.

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At least I still get props for my sexual and artistic talent. WHEW! #pervmagnet #racist

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Matsumiya has the unique luck of being both a woman and Asian, which means that the messages she receives are not only violent and disgusting to women, they’re also tinged with fetishism and blatant racism too.

Matsumiya told Buzzfeed that the messages started in earnest when she began blogging in 2003. One of the men that harassed her consistently turned out to be a gentleman with an arrest record for stalking and harassing another Asian woman. “When the police arrested him at the public library, he was found with a hard drive containing a bunch of pictures of me and hundreds of pages of stories he had written about stalking and raping me,” she said.

PART 1: Today's special messages come from Marc, a very pleasant Frenchman. #pervmagnet

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Her intent with this project is not, as some shitty people might think, to humblebrag about all the sweet dick she could be pulling, if only she desired. Documenting the abuse and harassment that she experiences on a daily basis is important for her own needs, and doing so publicly is a neat way to show lots of other women that they’re not alone. Matsumiya has started to post other women’s messages and screenshots, as well:

This one is so grim and repulsive, I actually can't come even up with a good caption for it. Submitted anonymously.

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There are naysayers everywhere who refuse to believe that the chorus of women claiming abuse online and elsewhere could be nearly as bad as they say. Matsumiya’s Instagram accounts strives to be the receipts.

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