Genius Thieving Duo Steal $6000 In Jewelry From Art Gallery, Sign Guestbook

I am probably not someone most people would come to when looking for hot tips on stealing! I haven’t really stolen anything since some Wet ‘N’ Wild nail polish sometime back in 1994, when I was a rebel, so I am not exactly an expert on the subject.

However! I can tell you that it is probably not the best plan to do what Megan Ohara, 24, and David Ziskoski, 19 of Palm Beach, Florida did and write your name and phone number in the damn guestbook after stealing $6000 worth of jewelry. That is a poor idea! But it happened!

Ohara and Ziskowski reportedly walked into an art exhibition at the ICFA Gallery in Palm Beach this past Sunday and stole a ring and a bracelet belonging to the artist, Attila JK, himself. Which is a weird thing to do to begin with. They then signed the guestbook with a various fake email addresses [email protected], two of which used the name “Meg” and included her actual phone number. They also drew some dicks and a drawing of a woman, also labeled “Meg.” Like you do when you are a seasoned burglar.

Unsurprisingly, they were quickly found by the police, and Ohara surrendered the stolen jewels, which she’d kept hidden in her purse. She told police that they would not have stolen them had they known they were that valuable. You know, because it is totally cool to steal stuff from people if it does not cost that much.

The two geniuses have been charged with grand theft.