Amazon Just Realized That A “Lady Boy Drag Costume” Was A Bad Idea

Some people wear Halloween costumes to disguise themselves, while others pick costumes that reveal the truth behind who they really are — namely, an asshole. That’s what the “Adult Lady Boy Drag Fancy Dress Costume” will do for anyone who purchased it before Amazon UK removed it from their site.

The costume – billed as a “tastelessly brilliant” way to “embarrass” your friends and family – was not received well for obvious reasons. Pink News reported the negative reviews before they were taken down:

“I assume that a company of your size has an all inclusive policy of respect for all it’s staff, regardless of gender, disability, sexual orientation etc.,” one reviewer wrote. “It’s just a pity that it does not apply these standards to it’s products. This sort of rubbish drags Amazon’s name into the gutter.”

“If it were possible to leave less than one star I would. I would leave minus 5 stars,” another review said. “This costume is repugnant, despicable, and down right offensive.”

“All Marketplace sellers must follow our selling guidelines and those who don’t will be subject to action including potential removal of their account,” Amazon UK said in an official statement, after receiving hundreds of complaints along with threats to boycott the site. “The product in question is no longer available.”

It’s good that Amazon removed the costume from their site and all, but their statement doesn’t really explain why it was available to begin with. Trans people are humans beings who have it hard enough – they’re definitely not costumes you can put on and take off to “embarrass” anyone. They only embarrassing thing was thinking this costume was a good idea.

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