Virginia High School Blasts Racist Ducktales Parody For Football Game With Predominantly Black School

School administrators Glen Allen High School are making apologies after an obscenely racist parody of the “Ducktales” theme was blasted over the loudspeakers during warm-ups for the homecoming football game. The school, located in a suburb of Richmond, Virginia, was playing the team from Richmond’s John Marshall High School, a predominantly black school, whose players were also on the field at the time.

Although the school says they usually approve the playlists beforehand, the student in charge of playing the music somehow managed to play the song anyway for at least “15 seconds” before it was turned off. A former football player from the opposing team taped the incident on his phone after realizing what was going on.

The song in question originates from the Red Bar Radio Show and contains about 13 uses of the n-word in under a minute. Very charming, indeed.

Gwen E. Miller, the school’s principal issued an apology to the faculty and students at John Marshall and promised that the school would take steps to prevent such a thing happening again.

Hopefully, the student who played the song will face some kind of punishment, and certainly barred from DJing any school events in the future.

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