Ready Your Tissues, Adele’s Getting Ready To Make Her Comeback

Here’s some very important news for all the Sads out there: Adele, patron saint of the brokenhearted, is getting ready to release new music. Page Six reports that a source claims she’s booked appearances on “Saturday Night Live” and “Today,” perhaps in a move to launch a massive dump of morose emotions on an unsuspecting public.

There was also this curious advertisement, aired during Sunday’s “X Factor” in the U.K., which is a lyric video featuring a very sad, beautiful voice that sounds like Adele.

“Hello, it’s me / I was wondering / if after all these years / you’d like to meet me / To go over everything / They say that time’s supposed to heal you / But I ain’t done much healing.” That’s sad! Yup, sounds like Adele!

We haven’t heard new music from Adele since 2011’s “Skyfall,” so it seems like it’s time for her to release something out into the world. During her four-year absence, notable sad Brits like Sam Smith have rushed in to fill the void, but Adele reigns supreme for all of us who want to feel like our hearts are being ripped out through our throats, in a good, gut-wrenching, crying-while-eating-and-watching-HGTV kind of way.

There’s no word on when the actual release date of her latest album is, but all signs seem to point towards sometime later this fall, when it’s cold out and the sting of being truly, desperately alone hits the hardest. Thanksgiving? Maybe Christmas? Grab your tissues and dust off your old copy of 21 in the meantime, and get ready to entertain your pet/roommate of choice with your karaoke-tested version of “Someone Like You” while you wait it out.

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