Margaret Cho Thinks “Known Racist” Donald Trump Shouldn’t Host “SNL”

Sentient merkin and presidential hopeful Donald Trump is hosting “Saturday Night Live” on November 7th, much to the chagrin of many average viewers and some famous ones too. Margaret Cho put “SNL” and its producers on blast on “The Wrap” for courting this probable shitshow:

“Why has there never been an Asian-American host, cast member or musical guest on ‘SNL’ in 41 years? Forty-one years…Yet they want Donald Trump, a known racist, a known sexist, who disgustingly wants to have sex with his daughter. Who does he think he is, Woody Allen?”

She’s not wrong. Donald Trump is, indeed, a known racist. He’s also a guaranteed ratings draw, a clear grab at eyeballs and attention. Whether or not you like Trump or not, the fact that he’ll be on “SNL” is almost enough to make you clear your schedule and plop down in front of the show just to see how it all works out.

“Saturday Night Live” is the only cultural institution in our great nation that has the ability to endear the public to figures that are otherwise noxious and horrible. This isn’t always true — see Miley Cyrus and Lena Dunham — but, there’s something about seeing a celebrity read cue cards and woodenly emote that warms hearts and makes you feel the teensiest, tiniest bit sorry for them. Being on “SNL” is either a dream or a nightmare, and watching famous people figure out where they stand, on live television, in front of a studio audience is compelling television.

This is one way to get ratings, I guess, but giving a walking, talking, breathing squirrel pelt with more money than Scrooge McDuck a nationally visible platform in which to make noise with his mouth feels egregious. Tune in if you must, because train wrecks observed from the comfort of your own home, with your weed and your snacks and your soft pants are the best kind, but think about it before you do. The internet will give you all you need to know about what he did or didn’t do the next day. Maybe that’s all you need.


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