Is Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Newest Prime Minister, Really All That Hot?

Canada got two gold stars yesterday: The Toronto Blue Jays beat the Kansas City Royals in game three of the ALCS, and Justin Trudeau, a floppy-haired, pro-choice, feminist legacy politician was elected to the highest office in that fair land, Prime Minister. This is a great coup for our friends up north, and worth celebrating. America’s favorite Canadian – [Besides Ryan Gosling! — Amelia] – Drake celebrated by releasing his dance moves onto the world. And, Justin Trudeau, son of Pierre Trudeau, one of Canada’s most beloved and well-known PMs, has ended the reign of Conservative leadership in that icy tundra up north. He’s here to conquer.

This is exciting for many young Canadians, eager to have a person in charge who supports legalizing marijuana and a woman’s right to choose. It’s also exciting for many regular people who don’t live in Canada, but like to speculate on the relative attractiveness of the semi-famous. Is the new prime minister hot? Sure. Maybe? (Social media seems to think so, given the thirst we saw on Twitter following his victory.) His hair looks soft. He’s a boxer. He also, apparently, has a tattoo. That’s exciting. That’s fun! I don’t think he’s that hot, but he’s politician-hot. Young Joe Biden is hotter, but Trudeau’s decent! Go Canada! [NBC]