Drake Dances Like Every Dude You’ve Ever Met In The “Hotline Bling” Video

Here is Drake’s much-anticipated video for his low-key summer banger, “Hotline Bling.” It is an important cultural artifact that serves to prove my pet theory that Drake dances like every dude I’ve ever met or seen out at a bar, in the privacy of a friend’s living room or at their own home. He’s a good dancer? Or he’s just a “dancer.” Or, these are the self-confident bops, shimmies, dips and shoulder-bounces the way that Aubrey Graham moves when he’s on his way to pour himself a glass of orange juice in the morning? It doesn’t matter. They’re endearing, even if Drake’s sad-boi message gets you down.


Watch as Champagne Papi creeps and slinks his way through some bootleg James Turrell installations, here. Let it soothe you. Let it take you to a different zone for this glorious/not-glorious Tuesday.