Duggar Sisters Hope You Will Watch Their New Show Even Though Josh Is Gross

If you were not previously aware, Jill and Jessa Duggar will be appearing in an upcoming series of specials for TLC called “Counting On.” Which I suppose is fair given that they didn’t molest anyone or participate in any coverup of child molestation.

Anyway, behold, the promo for the new series, which involves some Kleenex dabbing and then some “Yes, yes, that was all terrible–but look! Another one of us is having a baby!”

The show will reportedly deal with the aftermath of Josh Duggar’s child molestation and Ashley Madison scandals, as well as the further adventures of the Duggar sisters. Jessa will give birth to another kid, and Jill will prepare for her missionary trip to El Salvador, which is actually probably not so much a missionary trip as it is a giant scam!

So, um, that should be interesting. Although it does raise the question–can these people not get other jobs? I mean, do they have to do these shows or something because the womenfolk in that religion aren’t allowed to work and they can’t support a bajillion kids otherwise? It kind of seems like it! I suppose this means they’ll be on television forever, which is actually a pretty terrifying concept when you think about it.

Anyway, the show will premiere on TLC in December if you want to watch it, which I personally do not.


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