Dispatch From Kentucky: Westboro Baptists Parody Sam Smith At Kim Davis Protest

Well isn’t this a treat to start the week! When we found out that the Westboro Baptist Church would be protesting not in support of bigoted county clerk Kim Davis, but against her – because she’s been divorced — well, we knew we needed to send a witness to hear them testify. So, Rebecca drove down to Rowan County, KY, and has been spending the morning reporting from the bowels of hate, where she witnessed this eardrum-bursting Sam Smith parody firsthand, poor thing. The chorus, in case you can’t make it out, is: “Fag marriage, it can’t be / The Bible’s all you need / Fags don’t love, that’s clear to see / Fag marriage, it can’t be.” Really a shame that God doesn’t love this woman enough to help her hit the high notes huh? More to come from this splendidly ironic event!