Craft Time! Save Money By Turning Some Dude’s Underwear Into A Shirt, Suggests Russian TV Show

Hey all you crafty, thrifty gals! Here’s a new idea for you, as suggested by the Russian television program, “Zhit’ Zdorovo” (“Healthy Living)! Just turn some dude’s briefs into a lovely mid-drift tank top with the help of several doctors and a pair of scissors!

It’s hard to tell entirely what’s going on here, but according to the website Global Voices the show is hosted by a woman named Elena Malysheva, and this craftacular is part of an ongoing segment called “We’ll Survive These Troubles!” in which Malysheva offers tips on how to get by and save money due to Russia’s current economic turmoil.

“This is our answer to our compatriots’ suffering because of prices, the crisis, the ruble’s fluctuations, and so on,” Malysheva tells her viewers. Which damn, is pretty sad. Also quite reminiscent of our own Depression Era in which women would draw lines on the back of their legs in order to look like they were wearing stockings.

However, should you try this at home, I’d recommend being a little more smooth with your scissors or cutting off the jagged parts of the fabric before actually wearing this look out on the town.