Escaped Pet Kangaroo Hops Around Staten Island Before Getting Caught

Poor Buster the Kangaroo of Staten Island, NY just wanted to have a little freedom on his Sunday morning. The Kangaroo escaped his enclosure at around 8AM yesterday morning.

According to cops and witnesses, who at first thought it was a weird deer, the little guy was in fine health and was just hopping around a bit to explore.

He was seen outside Alb’s Auto Repair Shop and then captured in a resident’s yard before being returned to his owner who keeps him in an enclosure. The 4-foot-tall kangaroo belongs to John Schirripa who has a stable and keeps other unique animals.

The ASPCA was called but I guess that Kangaroo ownership is legal? Seems weird to me — and sad. I hope Buster gets to hop around enough and that the climate is ok for him.

Buster if you ever want to hop on the Verazzano up to Queens and into my arms, that’s fine by me.

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