The Westboro Baptist Church Will Be Picketing Kim Davis

In a stunning leap of logic that I really don’t think I’ll ever really be able to comprehend, something amazing – literally amazing –has happened: The Westboro Baptist Church, the infamous gay-hating bigots, have decided to protest homophobe and hobbyist county clerk Kim Davis. This is so miraculous that it could make me start believing in God again.

So, here’s what’s happening. The WBC is going to picket outside of the Rowan County Courthouse, where Davis works, on Monday morning. They’re doing this because they believe that Davis is a “fake Christian” because she’s committed adultery by divorcing and remarrying:

“That man that Kim Davis is living with and calling her husband, IS NOT! Her husband is Dwain Wallace, who she married when she was 18-years-old. It does not matter how many years you pile on, it was adultery at the beginning and it was adultery in the middle and it is indeed adultery today!”

Because Davis is a “fake Christian” who lives in sin, she’s gotten away from God, not closer to him, as she claims. To the WBC, Kim Davis is part of the American problem, and the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage because God deemed it would be so because we’re a sinful nation. Ergo, and this is the beautiful part, the WBC says that if Kim Davis is truly a Christian, she should humble herself to God and country and issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples with no further conflict:

“If Kim Davis received mercy from God and grace, as she claims, she would, with all due haste put her sin away. She would mourn for her sins, and in a show of great mercy, she would be busy apologizing to the fags for enabling them, and she would, with all diligence, give those perverts a marriage license.”

And the hate ouroboros has circled back in on itself, friends. I don’t think modern America will ever again produce an irony so great. We have peaked. It’s all downhill from here.

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